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Young Professionals 生词本 网络释义 1. 青年专业人士 2. 青年专家 例句 The armani suit came to symbolize these ambitious young professionals. 阿玛尼西装俨然成了野心勃勃的年轻专业人士的象征。

CMA会员现在只有学生会员、专业会员、教师会员之分,没有Young Professional Membership 这个选项。

百度翻译为: young space 年轻的空间 例句: SGAC is a non-governmental organization that aims to represent the interests ofstudents and young space professionals through dialogue with the United Nations,States and space agencies...

是这一个吗? 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空 Many young people want ___1_ (be) a professional athlete .They tkink it's interesting and wonderful.If they __2__(become) a champion ,they can make a living by ___3_(do) something tha...

句子主语是becoming a professional athlete,谓语是might seem like。 ing现在分词形式可以作主语,原形不行。


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