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俊狼猎英团队为您解答。 填 could draw.情态动词could表示能力。 祝你进步!


21. The young dancers looked so charming in their beautiful clothes that we took ______________ pictures of them. A. many of B. large amounts of C. the number of D. a good deal of 选(B) 牛津英语模块五第二单元练习题及答案 Unit ...

这里的比较是名词间的比较,是modern pics 与anyone else之间的比较,所以不用do 而下面的是他喜欢与我喜欢之间的比较,是这样的He like you more than i like you.所以这里i like you,可写成i do

B ,大量的,接可数不可数都可以的 A不用of, C改成a number of就可以,因为the number of表示“的数量”,D只接不可数名词


may be ,it's right. anyway,not everyone has the same world view. it depend on the environment in which the person lived. the environment affect one person's cognition, thought, or action greatly. i hope that u have a happy time...

When I was young,I used to keep a【notebook 】.I wrote many poems and drew many pictures of different【inventions】 in it. They were not ...

He _______ great interest in piano when he was very young.A. sharedB...15. Cao Tiantian often paints pictures or collects things after school. (...


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