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There is a boy under the tree. 树底下有一个男孩。 There are a crowd of boys under the tree. 树底下有一一群男孩。 There is a book beside the notebook. 笔记本旁边有一本书。 There are a lot of books on the bookshslves. 书架上有许...

There are some apples on the table. There are some books on the desk. There are some trees in front of the park. There are some hamburgers on the table. There are some chairs in the classroom.

There is a table in my room. 我的房间里有一张桌子。 There is some water in the glass. 杯子里有些水。 There is nobody at home. 家里没有人。 There is a plane in the sky. 天空中有架飞机。 There are three apples on the table. 桌子...

There are many students in the classroom. 教室里有许多学生。

there are造句: There are many students in the classroom. There are some positive signs. There are many people answer your question. There are ten apples on the tree.There are a lot of buses in the street.

there are 英[ðɛə ɑ:] 美[ðɛr e(r)] [词典] 有; [例句]In these and several other respects, there are many inventions and exaggerations 在这些方面和其他几个方面都存在许多捏造与夸张之处

there is a bed in my bedroom.一张床在我的卧室里 there is some water in the cup一些水在茶杯里

There is a car/cat. There are some apples.

there are some pigs。Are there any pigs?

There is a lot of work to do. There are numerous people here.


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