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likE iCE%skAtE

应该是喜欢溜冰。。。。 like ice-skating

如果是划ice-skate and play badmintion的话改成What do you like to do?如果是划I 的话改成Who like to ice-skate and play badmition?

I like to play and ice-skate in the snow now.

应该是: I love to go ice-skating 解析: 这个结构类似于go shoping, go shopping..

skate [英][skeɪt][美][sket] vt.& vi.溜冰,滑冰; n.溜冰鞋; ice-skate [英][ˈaɪsˌskeɪt][美][ˈaɪsˌsket] v.溜冰,滑冰;

是单词。 ice-skate 英 [ ˈaɪsˌskeɪt ] 美 [ ˈaɪsˌsket ] v. 溜冰,滑冰 变形 复数: ice-skates 过去式: ice-skated 过去分词: ice-skated现在分词: ice-skating 第三人称单数: ice-skates

ice-skate 音标: 英[ˈaɪsˌskeɪt] 美[ˈaɪsˌsket] v. 溜冰,滑冰; [例句]If I can ice-skate this am good! 要是我会滑冰该多好!

ice skate 英 [aɪs skeɪt] 美 [aɪs skeɪt] v.滑冰 ice skating 英 [aɪs 'skeɪtɪŋ] 美 [aɪs 'skeɪtɪŋ] n.滑冰

The snow is very heavy in this cold winter and we are going to skate on the lake with thick ice.

英文原文: ice skate 英式音标: [aɪs] [skeɪt] 美式音标: [aɪs] [sket]


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