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日本目前还没有voice of japan 歌唱比赛类综艺很少很少很少 有也只不过是一期特期

Once a time,i chated with my japanese workmates.I wanted to talk about cat,but i can't say it in japanese.i started to imitate cat's voice as ...

就是这样的,看看满不满意。 Voice-over (旁白): The role play will mainly be dedicated to how Japanese businessmen perform and how their Chinese...

(主要在音乐和联系人以及TS) JapaneseIME.apk 日语输入法 应用程序 可放心删除... VisualizationWallpapers.apk 壁纸 可删 VoiceDialer.apk 语音拨号 VoiceSearch....


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