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"Mum - geroff!" (PS6) "Gerroff me! Gerroff me!" squealed the gnome (CS3) "Ouch - gerroff - gerroff, you mad old bat!" - Mundungus to Mrs. Figg (OP2) Definition Colloquial form of “Get off”, which in turn means “leave me alone” ...

7 Years - Lukas Graham Once I was seven years old, my mama told me, "Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely." Once I was seven years old It was a big big world, but we thought we were bigger Pushing each other to the...

1000年前...好长寿的家族 7 years-Lukas Graham




D 试题分析:考查交际用语。Will用语第二人称表示征求对方的意见。Why not?为什么不?表示同意对方的观点。I hope so我希望如此;I’m afraid not恐怕不行。句意:—每个人都取爬山了。妈妈我也能去吗?—恐怕不行。亲爱的,要等到你足够大的。故D...

您好,这题选A,这是介宾短语,且有这样的一种说法,what引导双成成分的缺失。after后面缺宾语,seemed前面缺主语,固选择what 不懂请追问,明白敬请采纳!

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