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intErviEw with sB

您好,interview是及物动词,可以直接加宾语,所以是interview sb. 望采纳,谢谢。

interview sb=have an interview with sb,采访某人 ; We are now going to interview the Minister of Education.我们现在就去采访教育部长。 She has interviewed most of the applicants for the job.她已和大部分...

1. 采访某人 2. 接见某人 例句: 1. * An interview with apple's first ceo, michael scott. *采访苹果(Apple)首任首席执行官迈克尔•斯考特。 2. In a 2012 interview with automotive news, mays acknowledged the missteps. " 2012年接...


你可以说这两个句子说的是同一件事,但它们各自表达不同的内容。换句话说,She gave an interview about her marriage to the reporters 不等于 She was reported by the reporters about her marriage。前者说的是“她回答了记者关于她婚姻的问...

是WITH ,不能用ON

arrange a interview with sb : 准备采访/面试某人 后面再加for sb2 ,就是为sb2准备采访/面试某人,而arrage to do sth for sb 是为某人安排某事。


您好! give an interview __to____ sb make a interview with sb



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