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intEnt to Do

intend to do 和intend doing 都可用于想要做,如 What do you intend( to do/doing ) this weekend? 这个周末你想做什么? 都是“打算做什么事”,但表达方法不同. intend to do 是经常性的动作且能坚持下去. 如: What do you intend to do ? 你打...

intend to do sth 打算做某事 ; 盘算做某事 ; 打算做 ; 筹划做某事; be intended to do sth 打算做某事 ; 表示目的,被要求或计划


我只要像 let sb. (not) do sth.这些的短语埃 展开z529m73 ...339. intent on专心于 340. invisible to不可见的 341. jealous of嫉妒 342....

to be :work regularily and rest adequately ,keep in good hours and have a healthy diet .If you do not intent to get yourself sick ,exercising every...


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