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DElEtE From in

如果只针对表进行删除,则一样.但是如果需要联合其他表,则需要使用from例如 delete tb1 from tb1 m where id in (select id from tb2)

$id=implode(',',$id); for($i=0;$i

"delete from table where id in “从表中删除 "delete from table where id in “从表中删除

delete from table1 where table1.字段名1 in (select table2.字段名1 from table2 where XXXXX)

delete from posts_99 where authorid in (select authorid from posts_99 group by authorid having count(message)

delete from 表名 where id=1

delete from user where id in (21,123,12,18)

存储过程有错误 问题主要在这里: d.source_type = p_sCodes; select count(1) into v_count from dm_custlist_upload_batch d, cls_source_type t where 1 = 1 and d.source_type = t.custlist_source_type_code and d.source_type = p_sCodes;...

现在在SQL里使用delete in无法删除了.为什么 如果只针对表进行删除,则一样. 但是如果需要联合其他表,则需要使用from 例如 delete tb1 from tb1 m where id in (select id from tb2)



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