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Somebody asked” why didn’t he go into his own house.” “Maybe he didn’t have his key.” Somebody replied. The sun raised and it was a fine winter day. Some people went to the market for the coming Christmas day. Nobody remembered...


oh,the bear is nice! l like it 哦,熊很好!我喜欢它 oh,the bear is nice! l like it 哦,熊很好!我喜欢它

morning的or与tall的a发音一样,发 ɔ: point的oi 与boy的oy 发音一样,发 ɔi bike的i与nice的i 发音一样,发 [ai] chair的air 与bear的ear发音一样,发 ɛə book的oo 与football的oo发音一样,发 u

The bear has a nice nose. .

dsapa 加仑Dora SONA大小姐 jungsukin bosstitty abbear 粥粥仙 杀手嘉 Leewei eviybeea 网红姐姐- 以上提到的这些都蛮火的 不过dsapa退了 但是很喜欢她


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