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Your bear is nice. 你的熊真好看。 希望采纳,谢谢


Somebody asked” why didn’t he go into his own house.” “Maybe he didn’t have his key.” Somebody replied. The sun raised and it was a fine winter day. Some people went to the market for the coming Christmas day. Nobody remembered...

这是一只很好的熊。 After dinner she gives me a nice teddy bear and I realize it is my birthday today. 饭后她送我一只可爱的小熊,我才知道今天是我的生日。 Since the teddy bear is one of the first toys your child will own, it is n...

morning的or与tall的a发音一样,发 ɔ: point的oi 与boy的oy 发音一样,发 ɔi bike的i与nice的i 发音一样,发 [ai] chair的air 与bear的ear发音一样,发 ɛə book的oo 与football的oo发音一样,发 u

用she 或he是不是好点

The bear has a nice nose. .

小题1:A小题2:B小题3:B小题4:C 小题1:细节理解题,根据文中语句“The bear poured his honey all over the floor. His paws(爪子) were full of(充满…) honey.”理解可知。小题2:细节理解题,根据文中语句“he walked into the water. Soon many f...


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