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At the request of the issuing bank , the card will be held tem porarily in the bank. please co ntact the issuing。 原文翻译的意思为:在开证行的要求,将卡在银行持有TEM porarily。请接触发行

the request can not be processed at this time, please try again 请求不能在这个时候处理,请再试一次


有前后文吗。LC猜测是信用证的意思。大概是说这个信用证需要受益人的请求才可得到确认(兑现)。 对是的at the cost the beneficiary就是受益人负担费用的意思。

中文释义: 应某人的要求,在某人的要求下 英语句子 At one's request; for one;when one asks 依照某人的请求 相似短语 at one's request 应某人的要求,在某人的要求下 at their request prep.应...的要求 At your request prep.应...的要求 at ...

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提示如下警告信息:(1)The request for mises output will be replaced by a ...The boundary conditions at these nodes will not constrain the motion of the...

At the request of the issuing bank,the card will be held temporarily in the bank please contact the issuing bank 应开证行要求,这张卡暂时不能使用,请联系开证行。

br=gt 发生了下列的错误: Unable to forward this request at this time. 目前无法将您的请求进行转送操作 This request could not be forwarded... 展开 ...


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