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Love to be Loved by you Take My Breath Away The End Of The World When A Woman Loves A Man Faded Seve Jar Of Love See You Again LOSER IF YOU A Place Nearby Mad World Never Grow Old

The Chainsmokers &Halsey—《Closer》这个强推,BBC最强热单 Alan Walker & Iselin Solheim—《Faded》超好听,一生推 Charli XCX / Lil Yachty—《After the Afterparty》 Birdy—《Keeping Your Head Up》 Selena Gomez《Kill 'Em With Kindness...

微胖女生,歌曲轻快,可能是adele的send my love(to your new lover)。如果不是的话也推荐你去听一下,敲好听,阿呆为数不多的快歌呢😊



Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza Lukas Graham - 7 Years Justin Bieber - Love Yourself We don^t talk anymore Faded


好听的男女对唱歌曲很多,根据你的描述,是不是:闹天涯 歌手 司徒兰芳 赵真

good time Owl City & Taylor Swift

虫儿飞 郑伊健 肥仔个头 东山少爷 我的亲爱 黎明 孤儿仔 陈奕迅 volar 侧田 出位 张卫健 只有你 谭咏麟 笑看风云 谭咏麟 车衣女万岁 姬声雅士


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