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用thErE ArE造句10个

There are some apples on the table. There are some books on the desk. There are some trees in front of the park. There are some hamburgers on the table. There are some chairs in the classroom.

1 There is a football behind the door. 2 There are two cats under the table. 3 There is some water in the glass. 4 There are two caps on the bed. 5 There is a bag on the chair.

There is a boy under the tree. 树底下有一个男孩。 There are a crowd of boys under the tree. 树底下有一一群男孩。 There is a book beside the notebook. 笔记本旁边有一本书。 There are a lot of books on the bookshslves. 书架上有许...

There are many people answer your question. There are ten apples on the tree. There are a lot of buses in the street. There is a person stand over there. There is a candy on the tabble. 五句哦 哪句不会翻译再问我^ ^

There is a table in my room. 我的房间里有一张桌子。 There is some water in the glass. 杯子里有些水。 There is nobody at home. 家里没有人。 There is a plane in the sky. 天空中有架飞机。 There are three apples on the table. 桌子...

There is a boy playing basketball on the playground. 操场上有个男孩在打篮球。 There are so many students in the classroom. 教室里有很多学生。 希望能够帮到楼主

There are intangible benefits beyond a rise in the share price. 除股价上升之外还有无形利益。 2. There are reports of widespread dis-content in the capital. 有报道称首都弥漫着不满的情绪。 3. There are interesting hikes inland, b...

Are there your books?

1.There is some water in the glass. 2.There isn't any water in the glass. 3.Is there any water in the glass? 4.Yes,there is./No,there isn't. 1.There are some flowers in the garden. 2.There aren't any flowers in the garden 3.Are...

There are. my. pencils(这是我的铅笔)


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